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HOPE Christian Academy

Homeschool Program

At Hope Christian Academy, we believe in the freedom and value of a homeschool education. Hope Christian Academy partners with parents to ensure that your child receives a well-rounded high school education.

We make our curriculum available to parents who would like to homeschool their children, but don’t have access to curriculum. Upon completion of the required courses with a passing grade of no less than 70%, Hope Christian Academy will award the student a diploma and transcript.

For parents who have tried homeschooling but have come to the end of their abilities with homeschooling their children, Hope Christian Academy can be a big help. We offer the courses and instructor support to help your child succeed.

Hope Christian Academy will issue credit for courses taken through a qualified homeschool program once the official transcript and/or a portfolio have received and audited.

Parents must keep accurate attendance and academic records and submit these each month until the program is complete.

Parents must submit the student’s work for review monthly. All of the student’s completed work (or appropriate grades and samples of student’s work) should be returned to school before the last day of each month.

Student academics will equal or surpass that reasonably attained in public or private schooling.

Students will be enrolled in HCA’s Home School Program. If anyone asks about their home school, they can say, “I’m enrolled at Hope Christian Academy, my principal is Mr. Lewis, and my mom and dad monitor my work at home.”

Professional transcripts or diploma can be customized with the homeschool name. School staff may assist in a home school graduation or award ceremony. Homeschool students can receive their diploma from their home school or from Hope Christian Academy.

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