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HOPE Christian Academy


Hope Christian Academy offers a broad range of courses to help each student reach their full potential. We provide a complete core curriculum, plus electives for expanded learning opportunities. Courses are available for high school and credit recovery.

Convenient & Affordable

Have you been looking for an online high school that offers convenient, affordable and high quality online high school courses? Hope Christian Academy offers students the core and elective courses they need to prepare for success in college and or the workplace. Perhaps you just need a couple of make-up credits, or you are an adult in need of a high school diploma? Whatever the situation, we can help to support your specific requirements to earn the credits you need to graduate.

Online High School Courses

Hope Christian Academy High School offers a High School diploma and single course offerings entirely online. Students access all courses, quizzes and testing entirely online, from any location, at any time that is convenient for you. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and the desire to achieve success with your education. Our Academic Advisors will assist you with course planning, so give us a call and we will help you get started with your online courses today.

The required courses for this program are listed below:

Standard Courses- High School Diploma
Course Credits
Life Management 1
Study Skills 1/2
Parts of Speech 1
Intro to Writing 1
Composition and Comprehension 1
Bible Literature 1
World Geography 1
World History 1
American History 1
Federal and State Constitution 1/2
Math Review 1
Business Math 1
Intro to Algebra and Geometry 1
Science 101-203 1
Science 301-404 1
Consumer Economics 1/2
Praise Life/Music 1
Health 1/2
Physical Education 1 1/2
Physical Education 2 1/2
Life Management 1
Additional Courses/Electives – High School Diploma
Course Credits
Elective 1- NT Survey 1
Elective 2- OT Survey I 1
Elective 3- OT Survey II 1
Elective 4-Ethics and Excellence 1
Elective 5- Childhood Education 1
Elective 6- Leadership 1
Elective 7- Civics/Community Service 1
Elective 1- NIT Survey (I credit) Elective 2- O/T Survey I 1

Enrollment is Simple!

Choose your online program and complete the online enrollment application and make the initial payment to get started. Begin your exciting online courses and work at your own pace to complete your high school diploma.


Please call our admissions office at (866) 330-7229 or try an online chat. We are here to help you every step of the way.