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High School Placement Exam

Our goal is to set students up for success by placing them in the correct level of each subject they study. Our Placement Tests can help evaluate each student’s level of mastery and ensure they are placed in the appropriate course. Once a student completes the high school placement exam, results can be evaluated using the Answer Key and Results Table.

Preparing to Take the Exam

You should set aside at least one hour to complete an exam. If you cannot complete the exam in one sitting, plan on finishing the exam in no more than two sessions. You should take a short amount of time prior to beginning the exam to set up your work area. You should set up an area with little to no distractions. Avoid high traffic areas of your home. And, be sure everyone in your surrounding area knows how important it is for you to be taking this exam. Be sure you have access to paper and pencils so you don’t have to search for these items when needed.

Taking the Exam

All questions should be attempted. Be sure to use the space provided to solve problems. The back of the exam sheet can also be used if needed. Write the answer in the proper location so when the exam is being graded, the answers are easy to find. Write clearly and accurately.

Be sure to answer the questions completely and avoid answers containing more than one possibility. You should feel confident enough about your answer to clearly state it. If you absolutely get stuck on a question, leave the question blank. You should do your own work. No outside resources or friends or family members should assist you while taking the exam. Remember, the goal is to help you place yourself into the correct HCA course. If you do not do your own work, your results may not accurately reflect your placement level and you may enroll in a course that you are not ready for.

Your results are yours to keep and are not shared with Hope Christian Academy in any way unless you choose to do so. Click here to download the High School Placement Exam.

For more information about our High School Courses and Curriculum, please call us at 281-616-6868 or submit your inquiry online using our contact form.

High School Placement Exam