Hope Christian Academy

HOPE Christian Academy


How do I enroll?
Hope Christian Academy School’s open enrollment policy allows you to apply at any time during the school year, with new course sections beginning every two weeks.

CLICK HERE to complete our online enrollment application

How much does it cost?
The total cost of the program is $600.00. Please see our tuition page

Is HCA accredited?
Hope Christian Academy School is accredited by NAPTI so all of our programs have been carefully evaluated, and we were awarded accreditation in January 2011.

Does HCA offer a G.E.D. or Diploma?
All our classes are fully aligned with Florida state standards and you will graduate with a high school diploma, not a G.E.D.

I need a flexible schedule, can HCA help me?
Hope Christian Academy School will provide you a personalized, structured academic program that you can complete at your own pace and at any time of the day or night, 24/7/365.

Where can I complete my courses?
As a Hope Christian Academy School student, you can do all your schoolwork from your own home, or at your local library, or at a nearby community center, virtually anywhere a computer and the internet can be accessed.

Does HCA offer academic support?
Academic support is just a phone call away. When you receive your study materials, you will receive the direct toll-free phone number to our Academic Support Department.

Can I use my HCA Diploma to apply for a job or to enroll in college?
Many companies and colleges have accepted our diplomas. However we cannot guarantee that all companies and or colleges will accept a diploma from HCA.

How many credits can I transfer to your school?
First of all, a previous high school transcript is not required to enroll in any academic program. You have the option of submitting a previous official high school transcript OR completing all of your courses with Hope Christian Academy. If you are submitting a previous official high school transcript, Hope Christian Academy will accept all equivalent credits earned with a “C” or higher. All documented and accepted credits earned with a “C” or higher from a previous high school will appear on your Hope Christian Academy official transcript as “Transferred Credits”. If there are credits or courses remaining to be completed to reach graduation requirements, the remaining courses will be completed through Hope Christian Academy.